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Finnish artist  Antti Into Virtanen
Dob: November 4th 1955
Residence: Mikonpolku 7, 14870 Tuulos, Finland
Mobile +358 400811577
email: into.antti@gmail.com
website: www.antti-intovirtanen.net



 Antti Into Virtanen, professional artist since 1980.

As a passionate and devoted artist has had no secondary income over 40 years, and has supported himself and his family exclusively by his artwork.


Illustrations and objects of paintings vary, including seasonal landscapes, landscapes at every hour of the day with different lighting, as well as portraits, including recent Finnish president couple. Majority of the paintings are executed with realism; however, repertoire includes nativistic and modern art.


·         Oil paintings of landscapes in Finnish countryside- across all four seasons; winter, spring, summer and autumn.

·        Captured current and disappearing landscape culture, e.g. historic Rapola fortness (Sääksmäki), as well private residencies, family homes, meadows, beaches, pets, and many more themes that have been significant for the individual commissioning the art.

·        Recorded accurately nature’s shapes and multiverse in different lighting, e.g. flora, animals, water and luminaries in different formats and elements.

·        Eurasian bullfinch is the signature creature in every painting.

               Humoristic ideas and good mood pictures bring out the humoristic side  of the artist.

Great awe and respect for uniqueness of Finnish landscape and nature is evident in Antti Into Virtanen’s art, as well as descripting the balance and symbiose of human and nature.  His art aims to please the eye, while supporting the values of preserving nature.

Since spring working has been very challenging due to an eye disease, impacting the vision. The left eye was diagnosed with Chorioretinopathia cetralis serosa. Antti has been still continued to work, although with more challenges and slower pace.

Memberships: Valkeakosken kuvataiteilijat ry, Kuvasto ry.

Education: Self tought artist

Painting technique: Mainly with oil, building on layers.

Continuous exhibition:  

·         Home gallery (open upon agreement).

·         Starting May 6th 2008; two glass showcases on the main promenade of  Shopping mall Tuulonen



- Taidemaalari Markku Mäkelä       - Kehys-Ateljee Marsi

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